UK Postcode Maps

Choose the postcode wall map you need - from specific London maps up to magnetic framed postcode maps covering all the UK. All (except framed and customised maps) are usually available for next-day delivery (subject to stocks and an additional charge). For more information which will help you find your perfect postcode wall map follow the links below. 
(Scroll down to see the various maps of Postcode Areas. Click on the links for the District, Sector and London series).
Postcode Areas break the UK down into 124 areas, and these are denoted by the first letters of the Postcode GU, EX etc. Just one map will display all the Postcode Areas of the UK. See below for a selection of Postcode Area maps. Postcode Area maps are available from good-value paper maps to extra large size framed wall maps. Click on the images for more information and a choice of finishes.
Postcode Districts are denoted by the number or numbers in the first part of the postcode after the Area Letters e.g. GU5, GU6, or EX1, EX2 etc. There are two series of Postcode District maps, using 6 maps to cover all the UK.
Postcode Sectors are denoted by the number in the second part of the postcode, e.g. GU5 2, GU5 3, or EX10 9, EX10 8 etc. Two different publishers produce Postcode Sector maps and one uses 37 maps to cover the UK and the other just 20, but in the latter case the individual maps are larger. 
London is covered by a very useful Greater London Postcode Map at District level, and there are a further four London Postcode Sector maps, two for Greater London and two for Central London.
Help & advice:
Please check out all the links to the maps above - it is easier to look at the maps than  to describe them on the phone. But if you still need more help, or would like to discuss a customised map covering an area to your specification telephone Stephen on 01803 858406 for expert independent advice or follow the link to send an email.
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