Map Placemats

Map Placemats. A great selection of unique map gifts - which display either a world map, selected world cities or the USA!

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  • World Placemat

    World Placemat

    Four individual placemats shaped as a jigsaw which join together to make one big one! This is a sturdy attractive world map created to form one very large placemat, but which also splits into four individual place settings, giving dinner guests the opportunity to reminisce about their global adventures or discover and plan new ones.
  • USA Placemat

    USA Placemat

    Four jigsaw shaped individual placemats that join together to create an attractive detailed map of the USA. The states are in different colours for easy identification and major cities are shown. This can be used as one very large placemat or split into four individual settings.
  • World City Placemats

    World City Placemats

    Covering a selection of the most popular cities in Europe and the USA, all in different map styles unique to each country. The placemats for each city are in four jigsaw shaped pieces that join together to create one big one.