Finishes - Coloured Aluminium Frames etc

Please note that not all the finishes below are available for all maps. The finishes available for a map are listed on the drop-down list on the product pages.

Flat Paper
Flat Paper versions are usually the cheapest versions of a wall map. Usually printed on high-quality paper. Flat Paper versions are not available for all maps.

Flat Encapsulated (or Flat Laminated)
This is a very hard-wearing laminated finish and it gives the surface of a map a dry or wet wipe finish allowing you to update information with a felt marker and wipe it off afterwards. Encapsulation enhances the appearance of your map and also makes it virtually indestructible. Encapsulated maps are supplied rolled up in a cardboard tube.
Flat Encapsulated (or Flat Laminated) With Hanging Strips
The same encapsulated version of the map but with added Hanging Strips fixed to the top and bottom of the map. The top hanging strip has one or two hooks, (see white "hook" on strip in picture below) depending on the size of the map, which can be simply hung over a nail or picture hook on the wall. Hanging strips are not available with all maps and usually not suitable for the very largest wall maps.

Framed Maps
Most framed maps are hand-made customised products to your specification and consequently not returnable if correctly supplied. Please ensure that you are ordering the map you require and that you have space to fit the map on your wall.

Please note that the measurements can change without notice and if an inch or two can make a difference please confirm your specifications to us before placing your order so we can double-check to make sure the size will fit your available space.

The framed maps usually have a gloss laminated finish - this is fine for most locations, but if the room where the map will be hung has a lot of natural light there may be reflections on the surface of the map. If you are at all unsure about the suitability of a map for your home or office, please give us a call to discuss before ordering. 

Coloured Aluminium Frames - Pinboard Backing
Coloured Aluminium Frames have a slender, aluminium frame surrounding an encapsulated map backed on to a pinboard which will both accept map pins, and allow you to write-on and wipe off the laminated surface. Available in three colours - Silver, Gold and Black.
The frame has a very easy and user-friendly mounting system with key hole slots and requires only the fixing of two round headed screws to hang. 

Coloured Aluminium Frames - Magnetic Backing
The Magnetic versions are a gloss encapsulated map mounted on stiff, lightweight, magnetic and pinnable foamboard.  This means they are multi-purpose wall maps. The metal backing means you can use magnetic map pins. The pinnable foamboard enables the use of standard map pins. And the laminated surface allows you to write-on and wipe off information using a felt marker.

Once they have been made up to your specification, the framed maps are sent out bubble wrapped, with dense foam protection on all four edges and finally encased in sturdy dual-wall cardboard.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of framed maps. Extra shipping costs may apply to Highlands and Islands delivery addresses, and Framed Maps are not usually shipped overseas.